The official jingle of Binibining Tuburan

Step into the mesmerizing world where elegance meets empowerment, as we unveil the official music video of our Binibining Tuburan Jingle, celebrating the timeless allure and vibrant spirit of our Municipality.

Join us on a fascinating journey as we celebrate the essence of every street, every attraction, every corner and every soul that paints the vibrant canvas of our Municipality with hues of beauty and strength.

In this official music video of the Binibining Tuburan jingle, let the dulcet tones of our empowered vocalist Miss Gracie Angela Yamson guide you through the tapestry of our Municipality, where each face tells a story, each strides exudes confidence and each heartbeat echoes resilience.

Witness the splendor of our town unfold like a blossoming flower, as we embrace the uniqueness that define and unites us under the banner of inclusivity and empowerment.

So, come forth and immerse yourself in this visual ode to the magnificense of our Municipality, where every note, every step, and every smile ignites the flame of empowerment within us all.

Together, let us embrace our diversity, celebrate our unity and pave the way for a future where beauty knows no bounds and every individual shines as brightly as the stars in our collective sky.

This is the official jingle of Binibining Tuburan.

Composer|Music|Interpreter: Gracie Angela Yamson

Instrumentation: Russel Ching Alegado

Studio: Payagroove Music Studio by DeciTech

Video : Obra Collections

Director: HL Tan





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