Tuburan Legend

     The legend started a long time ago, when there were seven men who traveled by sea. They ran out of water and needed something to drink. Luckily, they saw a land where a kind Hari lived. Without wasting their time, they went to the Hari to ask some water. The Hari was so kind hearted that he invited the travelers to stay since there was a celebration (maybe a festivity). The seven men felt so honored to be invited and stayed.

During the celebration, the travelers met the Hari’s seven daughters. Blinded by love, the seven men decided to stay and asked favor from the Hari to extend their rest for few days in the kingdom. On their stay, the travelers, and the Hari’s daughters felt in love with each other and finally got married. After marriage, the seven couples decided to settle in different barrios. One went to Molobolo, others settled in Mantawihan, in San Juan, in Guiwanon while the other two couples lived in a nearby sitios of Kab-asan and Tanke both are found in barrion Marmol. The last pair went to the hinter place of Pan-as, a sitio of Barangay Mangga.

Years went by and the travelers missed so much that one day they decided to leave and travel again. Their wives refused their decision but their husbands insisted. The wives mourned for the departure of their husbands and so because of so much grief and sadness, they cried day and night waiting for their husbands to come back, until they died when the travelers went home, they were stunned to see springs on their houses’ place. The lost of their wives made them grieved so much also. They believed the spring which continuously flow on the ground were the tears of their loved ones and that they had been crying until now.


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