Coastal Resource Management ( CRM )

     The first Coastal Resource Management Plan ( 2011 – 2016 ) of Tuburan was formulated in January 2009, out from a Participatory Seminar Workshop as facilitated by the Department of Environment & Natural Resources ( DENR ) and the Coastal Conservation and Education Foundation ( CCEF ), Inc. in collaboration with the Municipal Government of Tuburan. Participated by Municipal Officials, Barangay Chairmen of twelve ( 12 ) coastal barangays, Technical Working Group and different stakeholders of the society. The objective of the plan is to manage the Coastal and Fishery resources of the Local Government Unit for the upliftment of the living condition of Tuburanons. This affects the twelve ( 12 ) coastal barangays out of the fifty-four ( 54 ) barangays in the municipality.

     Currently, under the new local Administration, the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) endorsed a resolution for the adoption and implementation of the CRM Plan and had given the Honorable Mayor a freehand to assign leaders by Memorandum of Agreement with the CCEF.

     The first ever happened Coastal Clean-up Drive Program in the municipality of Tuburan was held last September 26, 2010. A simultaneous cleaning up of shorelines along coastal areas of the twelve barangays. Participated by DENR Officials, Municipal Officials with all units of the new administration, Barangay officials, Sectoral organizations of the society, concerned Citizens, the PNP and the Phil. Army Units ( for Peace & Order).The activity was highlighted by the Honorable Municipal Mayor, Honorable Vice- Governor of the Province, DENR Officials, Religious Sector, Private Sector ,PNP and Military Officials. This Coastal Cleaning Program is scheduled for every third week of the month.

     The implementation of the CRM plan for five years ( 2011 – 2016 ) is necessary to maintain the biological resources of ecological and economic importance in the Municipality of Tuburan for a sustainable use and protection.


   Timberland areas in the Municipality of Tuburan covers an area of about 6,604.761 hectares or 22.53 % of the total municipal land area.These areas are generally found in the 22 upland barangays.

Agro-Forestry Zone covers a total land area of 1,538 hectares while the Watershed / Forestry Zone has a total land area of 18,630 hectares.


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