Sports and Recreation


     People in the planning area are lovers of sports and recreation. The kinds of sports commonly indulged in by the people are basketball games, volleyball games, billiards, pool tennis and table tennis. For entertainment, the municipality has the following: two (2) disco houses and two (2) cockpits.

     Other recreational centers in the municipality are the Jesus A. Montecillo Memorial Park, Dr. Jose Rizal Park, public plaza and the eight (8) hectares Tuburan National High School Grounds where district athletic meets are usually held.

     The local and national employees in the municipality have organized Physical Fitness Exercises every week at the Municipal Public Plaza as initiated by the MLGOO. In the recent years, the Annual Sports Festival is initiated by the LGU in connection with the celebration of the town fiesta.


Development Needs:

     Since the planning area has sports oriented populace, the local government should provide an open space for sports and recreation development to all barangays. Moreover, the development of the public plaza and parks in the Poblacion would enhance sports activities in the municipality.

     The Children’s Park in the planning area must be improved. This will in one way or another help minimize gambling and other delinquent acts among school-age youths in the area.

Furthermore, inter-barangays Sports Competitive Tournament must be strengthened in the municipality for this will instill discipline and sportsmanship among the Tuburanons.


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