The educational requirement in the Municipality of Tuburan is very much sufficient with respect to the educational needs of the school-age populace.

     For College Education, the change of status from Cebu State College of Science and Technology System (CSCST) to Cebu Technological University ( CTU ) last July 27, 2009 under Republic Act 9744 was a remarkable development of educational system in the municipality. The mission of CTU is to provide advanced professional and technical instruction for special purposes, undertake services and provide progressive leadership across the area of specialization for global empowerment.

     The University is headed by a Campus Director and Assistant Campus Director with eleven staffs under Administrative Supervisory; 18 Professors for the Technology Disciplines; 9 Professors for the Professional- Academic Disciplines; 9 Professors for the Basic Subject Disciplines; 3 Staffs for Student Services; 3 Instructors for P.E. Culture & Sports; 2 Staffs for NSTP-ROTC/CWTS and 8 staffs for the Other Support Services.


CTU Curricular Offerings are :
Graduate Program
– Doctor in Devt. Education ( Dev,Ed.D. )
– Master in Education ( M. Ed. )
– Master in Public Administration (MPA )
Undergraduate Program
– Bachelor in Elem. Educ. (B.S.Ed.)
– Bachelor in Secondary Educ.(B.S.Ed.TLE)
Major in Buss.Tech, H.E.Tech/Industrial
Tech. and Major in Math
– B.S. Industrial Engineering(BSIE)
– B.S. Industrial Tech.(BSIT) w/11
Major Sciences
Laboratory High School
4-yr. Revised Basic Educ.Curr. (RBEC)
Extension Classes of Carpentry,Driving,Welding &
Fabric; Dressmaking,Electronics,Foods,
Electricity and Computer.


CTU Tuburan Campus Physical Facilities
1. Administration Building
2. Academic Subjects Main Bldg. 3. Academic Subjects Annex 1 Bldg.
4. Academic Subjects Annex 2 Bldg.
5. Automotive Building
6. Cafeteria
7. Car Park
8. Electrical & Electronics Technology Bldg.
9. Girls Trade Building
10. Horticulture & Industrial Arts Bldg.
11. Hotel Services Technology Bldg.
12. Machine Shop & Metal Working Bldg.
13. Science Building
14. Social Hall
15. Student Activity Center
16. Trade Technology Building
17. Welding and Fabrication Bldg.
18. Woodworking & Building Construction Bldg.
19. Guard House
20. Sports Facilities


     CTU proposed for the construction of a Science Bldg.annex; Dormitory; Grandstand; Rubberized Oval; Covered court; Garage;Covered walk;Conc. benches and purchase of additional computers, projectors; laboratory & shop
equipments. The University identified issue is the security of the university/ students.


     For Secondary Education, Tuburan has four ( 4 ) Government National High Schools and one Private High School, namely : Tuburan National High School in the poblacion area and the Barangay National High Schools of Putat, Colonia and Montealegre. The St. Anthony’s Academy is a private Catholic School.

     The Tuburan Nat’l. High School enrollments had decreased significantly from 1,949 in 2008 to 1,905 in 2009 and bit increased in 2010 by 1,920 enrollments. Meanwhile, the enrollment in Barangay National High Schools continued to increase due to some transferees from the private school.


     For Elementary Education, Tuburan Elementary School is divided into two ( 2 ) Districts, namely : Tuburan I ( district one )- the Central School in the poblacion ; The Tuburan II ( district two )- the Barangay Elementary Schools.
The enrollments of District I had increased significantly from 4,527 in 2008 to 4,763 in 2009 and 5,055 in 2010. District II had slight decreased from 3,751 in 2008 to 3,683 in 2009. However, in 2010 it had increased into 3,853 enrollments.

     For Pre-school Education (Nursery & Kindergarteen) only one ( 1 ) private institution is recognized in the municipality. Tutorials are common to some pre- schoolers whose parents can afford the service fees of tutors.


     The planning area has a total of 56,877 populations, which falls on ten (10) years old to 75 years old over. Of which, only 18,296 are able to read and write which comprise the 16% of the age (10 – 75 years old). On the other hand, 12,277 or 40% are illiterate population.

     Moreover, out of 16,115 total female populations in the planning area only 59% is literate and 41% is illiterate. For male population, however, 61% is literate and 39% is illiterate. This would show that illiteracy is high among the female population compared to that of the males.

     Furthermore, the literacy is found to be higher on population, which falls between 10 to 34 years old in the planning area. (See tables following hereon).


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