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     The Department of Social Welfare & Development, (DSWD) local office is located at the Municipal Government Center of Tuburan. DSWD development operations covered all 54 barangays in the municipality with two (2) social workers and the Head of Office. The following are associations under its umbrella.
1. Tuburan Association of Senior Citizens
2. Kapunongan Lihok Pilipina (KALIPI)
3. Tuburan Association of Solo Parents
4. Tuburan Association of Disabled Citizens
5. Day- Care Workers Association


DSWD yearly registered Senior Citizens:
2008      2009     2010 (Jan. – Aug.)
183         518      1121

     Currently, out of the total 1121 senior Citizens registered by DSWD of this year, about more than 800 are members of the Tuburan Association of Senior Citizens. The significant increase of membership from 2009 to 2010 showed the awareness factor of elder citizens regarding social benefits and privileges. Few had yet in stray of the association’s welfare.

     As registered, KALIPI had 800 members; Tuburan Assoc. of Disabled Citizens had 30 active members while the Day care Workers Assoc. had 50 members (teachers of 3-4 year old children in Day Care Centers).

     The new program of the DSWD, the 4P’s as introduced by the President of the Philippines will pave the way to our better social services.


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