Major Industries

Agriculture is the main industry of the people in the municipality because of its thickly forested area. Forested areas are fully developed for large scale operations.

Fishing is the industry mostly engaged in especially in the barangays near coastal areas. It is one of the main livelihood of the people next to agriculture. The municipality being surrounded by large bodies of water is rich with fish resources.

Aside from agriculture and fishing, the following are the top industries of the municipality, according to the gross income of the establishments:

  1. Gasoline Stations
  2. Merchandising and Enterprises
  3. Production of fruits, vegetables, and meat
  4. Manufacture of bakery products
  5. Cyber Cafes and printing-related services
  6. Manufacture and repair of furniture and appliances
  7. Manufacture of Dry Goods and Poultry Feeds
  8. Manufacture of jewelries and pawnshops
  9. Manufacture of chemical products
  10. Sari-Sari Stores


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