Land Area

     The Tuburan Municipality is a 29,316 hectares of land traversed by seven (7) river systems namely the Langoyon River, Putat River Tunlob River, Adela River, Apalan River, Bakyawan-Caridad River and Bagasawe River. Each river system is the common drainage of land areas the main outlet of which is the river that leads to the sea and these areas are called watershed areas.

     Tuburan then is largely composed of six (6) watershed areas namely the Langoyon River Watershed, the Putat River Watershed, the Bakyawan River Watershed, the Tunlob River Watershed, the Adela River Watershed and the Bagasawe River Watershed. An approximately 400 hectares watershed area is without drainage and this is the Forataliza-Colonia watershed.


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