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     Since 1963, the Municipality had acquired an Emergency Hospital – The Tuburan District Hospital categorically classified as a level I Hospital in the province. Headed by an energetic development-oriented Doctor the hospital had fifty ( 50 ) personnels, fourteen ( 14 ) of which are contractual employees. The Hospital had four Physicians ( 2 are Contractuals ) ; 4 Resident Nurses ( 2 are Contractuals ) ; 5 Nursing Attendants ; 1 each- Medical Technologist ; Nutritionist / Dietician; Pharmacist; Radiologic Technologist; Midwife; Dentist; Dental Aide; Administrative Officer / Accountant; Disbursing Officer; Storekeeper; Cook and Maintenance Man. There are 7 Utility Workers; 2 Laundry workers; 3 Clerks; 2 Drivers and 4 Security Guards. Tuburan District Hospital had 25 – bed capacity and 2 ambulances for the mobility of patients. More continuing programs regarding health cares, awareness and monitoring of health conditions are in place for implementation.

Rural Health Units ( RHU )

     The Municipality of Tuburan had two ( 2 ) Rural Health Units – The RHU I Office located in the Poblacion and the RHU II in Sangi, Brgy. Manga. The two units are headed by a responsive Physician in the office. RHU I is manned by a resident Physician, seven ( 7 ) Midwives and a Nurse, serving the urban area. RHU II had six ( 6 ) Midwives and two Nurses serving the rural areas in mountain barangays. The Barangay Health Workers formed themselves into an Association, the BHWA of Tuburan comprising of 271 active members in operation, working for the healthy environment in the municipality.


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