LGU Night with Jay-R Siaboc

Supposedly, the sixth night of the annual cultural celebration was intended for the business sector. Due to circumstances that cannot be avoided, the sponsoring organization was not able to host the event. In lieu of this, the Local Government Unit decided on other option to avoid disruption of the nightly shows intended to bring amusement to the people of Tuburan.

Invited was the Pinoy Dream Academy Season 1 First Runner-Up, Jay R Siaboc who serenaded the audience in the Big Dome of Tuburan.

The singer/artist performed a total of nine (9) very wonderful songs that awed everyone and made them emotional and pensive.

Session High, a Bob Marley inspired band played reggae and other genre of music. After Jay R Siaboc`s lively performance, the band played their instruments with so much energy while the crowd gaily danced to their tunes.

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