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On April 19, 2024, Municipality of Tuburan achieved another significant milestone when it was selected by Municipality of Bantayan as a benchmark for high-value crops, value-adding processors, and organic farming practices.

Various locations within our municipality that specialize in organic farming and food processing welcomed our visitors. These included LAMAC in Brgy. Colonia, BELA in Brgy. Poblacion 8 (a sustainable livelihood program that processes squash into crackers and binangkal), and Tuburan Coffee Farm in Brgy. Kabangkalan.

Our guests from Bantayan Municipality also had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the excitement and natural beauty of our rivers and mountains while exploring Tuburan with ATVs on the Tuburan 360 tour.

Tuburanons take immense pride in hosting such an activity and eagerly anticipate seeing how our guests will apply the knowledge gained from our municipality in Bantayan.

Mayor Aljun @ Work
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