The procession of the Pasos

As the somber melodies of tradition fill the air and the streets become adorned with fragrant incense, we are reminded that it is once again Holy Week. In the heart of this sacred time, the procession of the Pasos immerge and solemnly carried by devoted hands of the Tuburanons, each step is a testament to faith and devotion.

During the celebration of the Holy Week, the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Antonio de Padua and streets of Poblacion Barangays of the Municipality of Tuburan come alive with a solemn procession of “Pasos”, elaborate floats carrying depictions of the Passion of Christ. Each Paso is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, meticulously created by skilled local artisans, embodying centuries of tradition and devotion.

As we walk alongside these sacred processions, we are invited to reflect on our own journey of faith. We contemplate the meaning of sacrifice and the power of redemption, finding solace in the shared experience of this holy season.

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of modern life, Holy Week offers us a moment of stillness, a chance to pause and reflect on the ultimate sacrifice made for us all. Let us embrace this sacred time with open hearts and minds, allowing the Pasos to lead us on a journey of spiritual renewal and enlightenment.

In this time of deep reflection and profound connection, we would like to thank the unwavering support of the LGU-Tuburan Headed by Mayor Aljun Diamante & Vice Mayor Danilo Diamante, together with the SB members and Municipal Administrator Atty. Rodulfo Dacalos, Andam Tuburan, Tuburan Traffic Management Group, Solid Waste Managenent, Tourism Office, BJMP-Tuburan, BFP-Tuburan, PNP-Tuburan and its Multipliers, Air-7 Tuburan, Poblacion Barangay Captains & Tanods, Fenian Drums & Bugle Corps, Tuburan Parish Youth coordinating Council (TPYCC), Camareros, Obra Collections and the Archdiocesan Shrine of San Antonio de Padua.

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