Tuburan Coffee: Putting Filipino Flavor on the International Map

Tuburan Coffee: Putting Filipino Flavor on the International Map

In a remarkable turn of events, Tuburan Coffee, a humble product from the heart of the Philippines, has captured the attention and admiration of the Canadian community, marking a historic milestone in its journey towards global recognition. Led by Mayor Aljun Diamante, alongside his esteemed wife, Lady Diamond Madam Tess Diamante, and daughter Jamaica Diamante, the Tuburan delegation embarked on a momentous journey to the Cebuano Filipino Community in Vancouver, Canada, on April 27th during the 1st Lapulapu Day Celebration. Little did they anticipate the overwhelming reception their product would receive on foreign soil.

To their astonishment, Tuburan Coffee was not only embraced by the Canadian people but was also honored with an unprecedented opportunity – to be showcased within the esteemed halls of the Canadian Parliament, alongside distinguished dignitaries from British Columbia, Canada. This landmark event marks the first time a Filipino product has been acknowledged within the Parliament building itself, a testament to the quality and authenticity of Tuburan Coffee.

The visionary leadership of Mayor Aljun Diamante in organic agriculture, dating back to the inception of Tuburan Coffee in 2012, has now garnered international acclaim. His unwavering dedication to putting Tuburan on the world map has proven fruitful, as Tuburan Coffee shines as a beacon of Filipino excellence on the global stage.This momentous achievement not only brings pride to Tuburan Coffee and its community but also serves as a symbol of the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage and entrepreneurial spirit.

We want to send our sincere appreciation to Ms Mable Elmore for the assistance she made for us. She is the first Filipino-Canadian who was elected on 2009 and still serving as a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Canada and her mother comes from Tuburan, Cebu. Commending also the Cebuano Filipino Community in Canada thru Mr. Anthony Ponyonng Ortega.

Through Mayor Aljun Diamante’s leadership embodies a purpose-driven approach, with a singular focus on elevating Tuburan and its treasures internationally. As Tuburan Coffee continues to make waves globally, it serves as a testament to the potential and promise of Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship.

With Mayor Aljun Diamante leading the charge, Tuburan Coffee is poised to leave an indelible mark on the global stage, one cup at a time.

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