Tuburan Boulevard

    A boulevard is often associated with a “street” or lane that is lined with trees. One perfect example is the Osmeña Boulevard of Cebu City located along Fuente Osmeña. Inspired by the concept, Municipal Mayor, Hon. Democrito M. Diamante contemplated on the construction of such a structure that would serve as a new landmark in the town.

     Evidently, a brain child of Mayor Aljun, Tuburan Boulevard located in front of the old wharf. Before the boulevard came to reality, barbeque stalls and a waiting shed were all visible in the area. These structures were unsightly to the eyes. The Mayor thought of utilizing the area for other significant infrastructures like the boulevard. Upon the start of the project, those old structures were relocated to a new place designated for their trade.

     Inaugurated last November 29, 2010, the Tuburan Boulevard serves as an avenue where people come together especially during Saturday Nights. During the occasion, local band groups play and perform on stage to give a whole night of entertainment to the crowd. At other times, it is the venue for many important gatherings just like the famous religious live enactment of “SUGAT”. With its wide open area, many are interested to hold programs because of the ease and comfort it offers to the viewers.

     A new landmark to consider, the boulevard is another great achievement of the present administration. In addition to Tuburan`s natural endowments, the boulevard is another marvel for the town. It spells a city life-like setting for rendezvous that Tuburanons would appreciate and enjoy. Indeed, it is a rare and unique way of promoting TUBURAN.


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