With utter respect and love for the Elderly, Mayor Aljun Diamante, out of the goodness of his heart, initiated a personally funded project – the giving of Birthday Cakes and grocery to all Senior Citizen celebrants in the municipality effective July 2011.

The data that follow revealed the number of recipients, to wit:

July 135

August 205

September 178

The humanitarian act of the Mayor drew varied reactions from the recipients. Most of them were shocked and astonished of the surprise. Some were teary-eyed, at the thought that nobody ever cared to give them a Birthday cake since birth. One did not even realize it was his birthday, not until she received the Mayor’s gift.


Personnel from the Rural Health Units, led by Dr. Therence C. Cabahug and Dra.

Lizette T. Jamora-Antig organized certain activities in celebration of the Nutrition Month for 2011, with this year’s theme: “Breastfeeding Isulong; Tama, Sapat, at Esklusibo.”

To kick off the event, a Walk-for-a-Cause was held on the first day.

Activities that followed included:

  1. Supplemental feeding
  2. Mothers’ Class
  3. Weighing of children o to 6 years old
  4. Conduct of immunization
  5. Conduct of Pulong-Pulong on Health- Related Topics to different Barangays
  6. Breastfeeding campaign

The celebration was concluded with a Culmination Program on July 31, 2011. Among the activities were:

  1. Nutrition Quiz
  2. Jingle Contest
  3. Cooking Contest
  4. Poster Making
  5. Healthy Baby Contest
  6. Pinaka Contest
  7. Balak Contest

Mayor Democrito M. Diamante and his better half, Ms. Teresita Catalina B. Diamante awarded the lucky winners.


The affair was held at the La Vida Beach Resort. Target clientele were the 150 disabled from the various barangays. To highlight the activity, a Medical Mission was conducted by the Provincial Health Office, in cooperation with RHU Tuburan. A Symposium was held on Awareness Campaign of Magna Carta for Persons with Disability, by Mr. Jun Dacot as Resource Speaker. This was followed by an Open Forum.

Another highlight was the Singing Contest. Winners were awarded during the closing ceremony.


The Orientation on the Indigent Senior Citizen Pensioner was conducted on July 19, 2011. The object of the activity was to provide necessary information to the indigent pensioner regarding his rights, privileges, and benefits, among others. Involved were the indigent senior citizens in the various barangays in the municipality.Spearheaded by the OSCA Officer, Mr. Jose Retubado, Jr., the activity was participated in by 155 indigent senior citizens.

Seminar on ELA (Executive-Legislative Agenda) for All Municipal Officials

Participated in by the Mun. Mayor, Vice Mayor, Dept. Heads, Members of the Sangguniang Bayan, this One-Day Seminar purported to assist LGU Officials in identifying development priorities and unite development thrusts, thus, enabling them to create an effective Executive and Legislative Agenda, geared towards the improvement of life and the general welfare and well-being of the people in the community.

To formally open the Seminar, Mayor Democrito M. Diamante gave the Welcome Address. Mr. Michael V. Eltanel, Planning Officer, DILG Cebu Province delved on the ELA Orientation Process, as well as the Identification of Current Issues & Concerns/Reality Gaps. The Vision-Mission of the LGU was also taken into account. Ms. Gloria D. Pacampana tackled the Formulation of Goals and Objectives, as well as the topic on Prioritizing Programs, Projects, and Capability Building Needs.

The participants were divided into groups in preparation for the Workshop. The presentation of the Workshop outputs & Feedbacking took place at 4:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

After the seminar, the participants were able to formulate their respective agenda based on the Vision and Mission of LGU Tuburan.

The Seminar ended at 6:00 o’clock in the evening. Dinner was served before the participants called it a day.

Monitoring of Lodging/Boarding houses, Food Establishments

The RHU Team composed of the personnel from the Fire Department, MTO, and Engineering, conducted an ocular inspection of Boarding/Lodging houses, Canteens, food stalls and restaurants outside the vicinity of CTU, Tuburan Campus, located at Brgy. 8, Tuburan, Cebu.


  1. Surrounding/premises inside and outside were found to be clean, tidy, and orderly.
  2. Toilet facility was sanitary, with proper flush bowl systems, and good septic tanks.
  3. Drinking water supply was safe, using mineral water regularly supplied from a mineral water establishment. Water from faucets for washing, bathing, and other purposes were also available.
  4. Food establishments were sanitary, with food handlers wearing hairnets. They also had health certificates issued by the Health Inspectors, as well as sanitary permits. Food utensils were sterilized all the time.


  1. Lack of fire exits (for Two-storey bldgs.)
  2. No fire extinguishers available, especially for those built with light materials

Lodging/Boarding houses have No Permit to Operate.


  1. In compliance with the Law, all proprietors of Lodging/Boarding houses should secure Business Permits/Permits to Operate.
  2. Proper Exits must be provided for security and safety of life.
  3. Fire extinguishers must always be available for emergencies.


  1. Concerned business establishments secured Business Permits in compliance to requirements.

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