The Training purports to strengthen the capability of the Barangay Tanods as implementing arms in the maintenance of peace and order in their respective barangays.

The Training was conducted at the Tuburan Central School Gabaldon Bldg. To accommodate all the Brgy. Tanods in the 54 Barangays, the Training was broken down into Seven Batches, starting May 31, June 1,2,3,15,16, & 17. Topics covered were focused on Good Brgy. Governance & Righteous Leadershipo, Brgy. Structure & Organization, Composition, Organization & Responsibilitiies, Insurgency Awareness. To wind up the activity, a Field Demonstration was made on the various techniques in Baton Drill/Handling, Hand Cuffing, Unarmed Defense, and Arrest Techniques.



Among the activities scheduled for the Fiesta Celebration was the Siglakas 2011, which included games of Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball in various categories/levels.

Awarding ceremonies were held during the nightly activities which were taken charge by assigned sponsors.



The project, initiated by Ms. Teresita Catalina Bartolome Diamante, First Lady of LGU Tuburan, was participated in by all Barangays in the Municipality. Its main purpose was to exhibit the products of the barangays which were on sale for the public in the duration of the Barangayan. Mini huts were put up as display windows for the products. Farm products on display included bananas, sweet potatoes, various vegetables, and seedlings of fruit trees, among others.

The event was culminated in the afternoon of June 11, 2011, with the special presence of Gov. Gwen Garcia, who came together with the Team of the Suroy-suroy Sugbo.


The traditional Independence Day Parade was participated in by all sectors in the government, as well as the non-government, and other civic organizations. Special feature during the affair was the Float which carried the previous Matron Queen and the Reigning Matron Queen 2011, together with her Court..

A literary-musical program which was held at the Rizal Park, followed.


In honor of the late Vice Gov. Gregorio G. Sanchez, who was a native of Tuburan, a Bust was put up at the Montecillo Park. The unveiling of the Bust was spearheaded by Mayor Diamante and Ms. Gerlyda Sanchez-Speller, the daughter of the late vice governor, with the assistance of Vice Mayor Dominador F. Pesiao and the SB Members.

The Coronation of the Reigning Matron Queen was done in the evening.


True to his benevolent nature, Mayor Aljun Diamante doled out 10, 946 school bags for distribution to elementary school children throughout the municipality of Tuburan starting June 2011, a timely gesture of love for the school opening. Despite his hectic schedule, the good Mayor personally distributed the school bags to some of the elementary schools. The children were overjoyed to receive the unexpected present. Meanwhile, the parents were very grateful to the generous act of the Mayor.


In compliance with the DILG Memo Circular No. 2011-21, and as per directive issued by Gov. Gwen Garcia, in collaboration with the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., Cebu Provincial Government, DENR, and other NGOs, a Run 2 Plant 4 Greenin Philippines was conducted at the LGU Tuburan last June 25, 2011. The Program primarily aims to plant a billion trees over the century in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere that could eventually result to global warming.

Led by Mayor Democrito “Aljun” Diamante, LGU & SB, and Barangay officials, Two Hundred fifty-five LGU employees and an unaccounted number of civic spirited individuals, wearing green shirts, as mandated, participated in the activity.

Barangay Alegria, a one-hour walk from the town proper, was the tree planting venue. The participants started to walk/run at 6:00 o’clock A.M. and arrived at Alegria at exactly 7:00 o’clock in the morning, where a “painit” was served, courtesy from Mayor Aljun Diamante.

There were Two Thousand (2,000) seedlings mahogany, among others, which were taken from the Nursery of the Office of the DA, Tuburan, which were prepared for the activity. These were planted on a portion of a 6-hectare lot, where holes had been prepared by the barangay residents for the planting activity.

Other Barangays conducted their separate Run 2 Plant for Greenin Philippines. Among these barangays were Brgys. Alegria, Mag-antoy, Kansi, Caridad, Sto. Nino, Carmelo, and Putat.

Alegria had its Tree Planting at Sitio Patag I, a part of the barangay, with 2,000 mahogany trees planted. The Activity was participated in by Seventy-Six (76) participants which were composed of the Brgy. Officials, students, members of the 4Ps, and KALIPI.

Brgy. Kansi had 106 participants who were able to plant along the roadsides of its sitios 8,942 seedlings of madre cacao, mahogany, and jackfruit, which were secured from the backyards of the Brgy. Officials and residents.

Brgy. Sto. Nino had 49 participants composed of the Brgy. Officials headed by the Brgy. Captain, Tanods, 4Ps grantees, and concerned barangay residents. They were able to plant 264 seedlings composed of Lagnob, Hambabawod, Malatamban, Casia, etc.

Participated in by 78 people, comprised with Barangay Officials and some residents, Brgy. Caridad was able to plant 500 seedlings which included lagnob, caimito, lumbang, sabana, mahogany, jackfruit, among others. These were secured from the residents of the barangay. Planting venues included four sitios.

Brgy. Carmelo was participated in by 616 people which composed of the Brgy. Officials, students, and residents, who were able to plant 2,228 seedlings, which in included mango, mahogany, jackfruit, and narra. These were planted in the Carmelo pocket forest situated in Sitio Tinago. The activity was spearheaded by the Brgy. Captain.

Run 2 Plant Activities in Brgys. Carmelo and Caridad were done early in the morning until noon of June 23, 2011, while for Brgys. Sto. Nino and Kansi, tree planting was a whole-day affair, which started at 6:00/9:00 A.M. until 4:00/5:00 o’clock in the afternoon.

Other barangays also conducted their own Run 2 Plant Activities. However, as of this report, data of the said barangays have not reached the Office for inclusion.

This program of the government is very commendable considering the multifarious benefits trees give to man, such as prevention of soil erosion, floods, water preservation, regulation of the climate, and, of greatest significance – absorption of carbon dioxide, thus promoting a healthy environment for all.

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