Mayor Aljun Fiesta 2012 Message

My family and I wish to convey our Warm Greetings for a Happy Fiesta to All!

Once again, officials of LGU-Tuburan-together with the unconditional support and cooperation of schools and other government organizations, NGO’s and civic organizations – pool resources and talents to celebrate the feast of our beloved patron saint, San Antonio de Padua, with a selection of fun activities ranging from sportsfests, to contests in singing, playing the band, fishing competition, the Tubod Festival, among others, and on top of them all, the Suroy-Suroy Sugbo program of Hon. Gov. Gwen Garcia.

As we commemorate the feast of San Antonio de Padua with all pomp, gaiety, and trimmings, we should not be obvious of the significance of the event. Let us contemplate on his life of love and sacrifice – a consecrated life devoted to teaching and preaching the Holy Scriptures, with his relentless call on people to face up to the challenge of living a Christian life.

Let the life of sacrifice as exemplified by our venerated patron saint, be our guiding Light as we comport ourselves towards the completion of our daily tasks with humility, uprightness, truth, and faith in the Divine Creator.

With fervent supplication to San Antonio de Padua, let us be one in praying for peace and good health for our families, deliverance from all kinds of catastrophes, natural or man-made, prosperity, stability, goodwill, and unity among the people in the Municipality of Tuburan.

To all Tuburanon, Balikbayan, and Guests, Happy Fiesta!


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