7th Gov. Gwen Garcia Unity Volleyball (GUV) Cup (Cluster 4)

Cluster 4 comprise the municipalities of Toledo City, Barili, Balamban, Asturias, and Tuburan. The athletic event included three categories, namely; Men, Women, and Children.

In his message, Mayor Aljun Diamante reminded the assembly of the core goal of the tournament – to establish human relations, camaraderie, and unity among the towns in the 3rd District. As a clincher he quoted: “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.”

Ms. Nona Catipay, Chairman, Cebu Volleyball Association was present to grace the affair. A total of 320 persons attended the event which included 20 personnel from Gov. Gwen Garcia’s Staff, 50 participants from each town in the Cluster, and guests.


Nestle Farm Visit at Tagum City, Davao del Norte

Victoria Verano

Julius Bragat

Steve Salipot



Among the pet projects of Governor Gwen Garcia, which was spearheaded bythe Provincial Health Office, in collaboration with LGU Tuburan, DSWD, TASCI, OSCA, DA, RHU I & II, and Tuburan District Hospital, the One-Day Activity was participated in by the OSCA and TASCI members, and Day Care pupils of Brgy. 1 and 2.

The occasion was graced by the presence of Atty. Cristina Garcia- Frasco, Consultant, Province of Cebu. In her message Atty. Frasco pointed out the goal of the program as envisioned by Gov. Garcia, which is good health and long life for the elderly. The Program is Governor Gwen’s way of showing to the Cebuanos that she cares – that the elderly is close to her heart.

On the other hand, Mayor Aljun Diamante emphasized the important role which the Senior Citizens play in the progress of the locality where they belong. As a gesture of respect, gratitude, and love, the good Mayor encouraged all Senior Citizens to become members of the Senior Citizens Organization so that they could receive the concomitant benefits, specifically the dole outs he has personally allocated for them on their birthdays.

Among the services given were Medical-Dental, Veterinary health services, which included giving of anti-rabies vaccines and immunizations for dogs, vitamins and medicines for animals. A ceremonial feeding of children with lugaw and milk was made. This was followed by the giving of free medicines and the ceremonial planting of seeds in support to the FAITH (Food Always in the Home) Project.

To highlight the Activity, the Distribution of Kits – Halad Alang Kang Lolo ug Lola was conducted. The Senior citizen recipients were overjoyed with the milk, slippers, and eyeglasses contained in the Kit.



Held at the Tuburan Municipal Agricultural Office, the Two-Day Orientation Seminar was designed in compliance to the National Greening Program of the government. The Activity was a joint effort of the Local Government Unit MAO and MENRO, with the special involvement of CENRO Toledo City, with Mr. Fedencio P. Carreon, CENRO Officer, at the helm. The training proper consisted of several activities which comprised Designing of Nursery shade house, Identification of Nursery, Land preparation & size of garden plots, seedbed, etc., Selection, drying, storing, and packaging.

Plant propagation was also tackled such as asexual propagation (grafting, budding, marcotting, & layering), as well as sexual propagation which involves certain agricultural processes. Coffee farming was among the topics tackled.

Mayor Aljun Diamante, in his welcome address, expressed gratitude that the MENRO personnel gave their full support to his order to put up a Nursery in every barangay in the municipality. This is a very welcome development since knowledge gained in the seminar relative to the modern ways of planting, could be immediately applied in the various barangays.

The Orientation Seminar was attended by 79 participants.


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