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The Search for Tuburan Matron Queen is a long time tradition spearheaded by the Local Government Unit of Tuburan. In the present administration, with the lovely wife of the Municipal Mayor, Madam Teresita Catalina Bartolome-Diamante at the helm, the search was conducted with much enthusiasm and anticipation.

There were five participating agencies namely; Cebu Technological University (CTU), Department of Education (DepEd), Health, Local Government Unit (LGU), and Association of Barangay Captains (ABC). Each group selected its own candidate and supported their choice who represented for the group.

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 2nd Tuburan Singing Contest

4th Weekly Elimination


The 2nd Tuburan Boulevard Singing Contest`s 4th round of elimination was done on June 2, 2012. The winners for this last round would compete on the GRAND FINALS night together with the winners of the first 3 elimination rounds.

All in all, 12 equally competent and talented contestants made it to the GRAND NIGHT on June 8, 2012.

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1st Tuburan Battle of the Bands


Ten (10) bands from the different parts of the Province of Cebu rocked Tuburan last June 1, 2012. The competition was open to all amateur bands. It was a jam-packed evening despite the threats brought about by the weather conditions due to the low pressure that was about to hit the province on that very day. Originally planned at the Tuburan Boulevard, the event was finally held at the Tuburan Covered Court. Notwithstanding the inclement weather, Tuburan, for 1st time in Tuburan history »

Seal of Good Housekeeping

In keeping up with its promise and vows of service, the local government unit of Tuburan strives hard to deliver to its people a quality service in accordance to rules of fair and good governance. As always, all of its members are expected to execute its respective roles, duties and responsibilities with utmost dignity, honesty and integrity.

The Department of Interior and Local Government Regional Office VII conferred to the Local Government Unit of Tuburan the “Seal of Good Housekeeping”. The award was given to the unit for its good governance performance in internal housekeeping particularly in the areas of Good Planning, Sound Fiscal Management, Transparency and Accountability, and Valuing Performance Management.

Along with the plaque, P1, 000,000.00 (one million) pesos has been deposited in advance to the account of the municipality as a cash reward for the said citation.

Congratulations, Hon. Democrito M. Diamante and SB Congratulaions, for a job well done »

Tuburan Boulevard

A boulevard is often associated with a “street” or lane that is lined with trees. One perfect example is the Osmeña Boulevard of Cebu City located along Fuente Osmeña. Inspired by the concept, Municipal Mayor, Hon. Democrito M. Diamante contemplated on the construction of such a structure that would serve as a new landmark in the town.

Evidently, a brain child of Mayor Aljun, Tuburan Boulevard located in front of the old wharf. Before the boulevard came to reality, barbeque stalls and a waiting shed were all visible in the area.

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Local Job Fair


It is a stark reality that in every municipality, Apparently, a lot of Tuburan constituents are without job. The municipality is not exempted from it. Factors attributed to this may be lack of education, insufficient job opportunities in the locality, among others. Neverthe Jobs for you »

Brgy. Bagasawe received P100, 000.00

A check amounting to P100,000.00 was awarded to Brgy. Bagasawe last May 24, 2012 to cover the expenses incurred from the construction of the final phase of the covered court. This is an additional aid to the previous P200, 000.00 received by the barangay in the start of the project.

Hon. Phoebe Potencioso, Barangay Captain of BRgy. Bagasawe personally extend its grateful appreciation for the support to make the project reach its completion stage.

On the same date was the turn – over ceremony of the newly completed project. It was attended by the Municipal Mayor Check it out »

Php200 thousand Financial Assistance to BARANGAY CARMELO Actualized

     Barangay Carmelo has received a cheque amounting to P200,000.00. The said cheque is appropriated for the construction of the covered court of the barangay. Phase 1 has already been started. But due to the unavailability of funds, the construction has been stopped momentarily. In order to remedy the situation, the Sangguniang Barangay of Carmelo submitted a resolution requesting for financial assistance for the construction of the covered court Phase 2. In response to the request, last April 13, 2012 the amount was Where the money goes »


May 1, 2012 was supposed to be a national holiday but the local government of Tuburan organized a street and coastal general clean-up in the Poblacion Barangay held that very day. Starting early at 5 until 10 in the morning, everyone enjoyed the humanitarian act of
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An event could not be as fun and enticing than having the beautiful ladies around competing for the title of Ms. Siglakas 2012. Eighteen (18) gorgeous and athletic young ladies made it to the ramp showing talents and agility as they projected themselves in stage before the judges. These 18 young candidates were trimmed down to the top 10 until the top 4 candidates emerged as the winners with their respective title. These contestants were judged according to: Beauty of Face/Stage Presence 25%, Physical Bearing & Proportion 25%, Projection 25%, Attire/Costume 15% and Audience Impact 10%.

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LGU Tuburan Supports Siglakas 2012


Summer is here. Everyone is in for ultimate fun. Everybody has got to match up another`s energy in its quest for winning. To answer this hunger for great amusement, the Tuburan Municipal Council has once again spearheaded SIGLAKAS 2012.

SIGLAKAS 2012 is more than a month long event which will end on the night of June 3, 2012. It features many sports and recreational activities for youths and adults in various divisions. These include chess, boxing, badminton, volleyball, basketball, biking, fencing (eskrima), lawn tennis, fishing competition. It aims not only to give fun but also to develop camaraderie among participants and enhance sportsmanship,as well. This in turn is expected to show the unity and oneness of the TUBURANONS. Siglakas 2012 Last April 25, 2012 was the opening ceremony of the said event. The parade started at 1o’clock in the afternoon followedby the program proper. Selection of Miss Siglakas 2012 highlighted the program. Each barangay was advised to select its own muse who would represent their respective barangay and at the same time compete for the title of Ms. Siglakas 2012. Activities »



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